I am a faculty member in Science and Environmental Education at
Hobart and William Smith Colleges.


My teaching reflects my interests in teacher education, scientific inquiry, the national parks, citizen science, educational leadership, and environmental sustainability. Much of my scholarship has focused on designing effective long-term professional development opportunities for teachers using geospatial and other technologies to teach science.  Currently, I am focused on sharing stories of young people making change in the context of environmental science, sustainability, and stewardship.



Teaching is at the center of my world. I am fortunate to teach a wide variety of courses, both in teacher education and liberal arts courses open to all students on campus.


My scholarship is a reflection of my desire to make change within schools and to have an impact on young people who care deeply about the environment.


I am fortunate to work in a department and on a campus that values and appreciates the intersection of teaching, scholarship and service.


ESSYI is an academic enrichment program and college-level course for high school students focused on an interdisciplinary exploration of environmental studies.